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The coating industry carries out appropriate industry shuffling


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The coating industry carries out appropriate industry shuffling

Industry news
2018/01/11 14:58
Since reform and opening up, after 30 years of rapid growth, China has become the world's largest manufacturing countries and the second largest economy, but with the accompanying is most industries appeared serious excess capacity.
In this context, the wave of mergers and acquisitions in China, which is characterized by industry consolidation and elimination of overcapacity, has been brewing in the past few years and has continued to develop rapidly in recent years.
Due to mergers and acquisitions over the years the word often seen in many reports, no matter what industry can hardly avoid hot ears hear this word, for our coatings industry, the more is the talk people a big dinner.
Mergers and acquisitions are no doubt that enterprises can consolidate their position in the industry and the market. For the whole market, mergers and acquisitions are also necessary means to accelerate the development of market economy. Some people are glad to be worried, small and medium-sized enterprises are worried about this, even some people in the industry will worry about the big brand monopoly in China's coating industry.
The laws of nature, however, determine the iron law of the jungle. As a result, it is believed that this phenomenon can inspire the morale of small and medium-sized enterprises and endeavor to make progress in this merger.
In the market economy, m&a is the best way for enterprises to optimize resource allocation and unconventional development, and it is the only way to realize the adjustment of industry structure.
Over the past few years, China's coatings industry has been developing continuously, the coating enterprise is blooming everywhere, but in this "bright" behind, there is a hidden danger. At present, the coating industry has serious resource waste and disorderly competition phenomenon. There are even some companies there is low level repetition, lack of follow-up research and development technical support and other ills, leading to a fall in the comprehensive competitiveness of these enterprises year by year, which in turn affect the improvement of the Chinese paint industry as a whole.
Therefore, the phenomenon of mergers and acquisitions in the industry, the appropriate industry shuffling, this is also the trend.
It's a big trend, but it doesn't mean we're just sitting there. We don't want to be killed. What else can we do?
The solution is to keep up with the trend. In the decades since the development of the coatings industry, the slogan of "transformation and upgrading" has been called for many years. The focus and discussion on the transformation and upgrading of the industry has never stopped, but it has not brought about substantial change. Now that we are at a turning point in our transition, we should consider what we can use to achieve our transformation. In recent years, air pollution and energy conservation and emission reduction have become a major concern in China. Why don't we take advantage of this "air gap"? Experts have predicted that the next few years will be the golden age of water paint.
Of course, water paint does not rise without reason.
According to the statistics, about 2.2 million tons of VOCs are released into the air every year, which is equivalent to the total of 1.3 billion Chinese people inhaling the air for 16 hours, and increasing at an average annual rate of 9%. In view of the strict requirements on VOCs in coatings, China has paid more and more attention to the problem of VOCs in coatings. Because of people's attention to VOCs, the "environmental health" of coatings has become a hot product in the coating market last year.
In the future, concerns about environmental health and the development of laws and regulations will continue to affect the entire paint market. As long as we compare the existing coating technology, it is not difficult to find that acrylic modified waterborne polyurethane is the main raw material of water paint, which can provide the best, the most economical and the most flexible solution. From the current trend of development, the national policy has brought great business opportunities to the market of water painting. Industry insiders believe that much starker choices-and graver consequences-in period, around the affordable housing construction and industrial production for the need of water paint, not only for water paint to create a good market environment, as well as the water paint technology innovation created prerequisites. Because the water paint has the advantages of environmental protection, especially the water-based two-component coating has a broad application prospect in the field of anti-corrosion.
Sweep the hero, merger and acquisition phenomenon may cause paint industry competition pattern of the change, can laugh best finally depends on coatings enterprises can make better use of the means of the reform and innovation ability in the environmental wind fight our way out. Therefore, for the phenomenon of mergers and acquisitions, as long as the rational decision, the original clean source, the party is vital.