New Dongzhou Waterborne Metallic Paint


1. Water-based self-drying metallic paint

Water-based self-drying metallic paint is called one-component self-drying water-based paint, suitable for metal surface decoration, this paint is mainly composed of preservatives, inorganic adhesives, water-based acrylic resin and other raw materials. Have a variety of colors. Simple operation, provide technical support.

2、Water-based baking metallic paint

Water-based baking metal paint is generally used on the surface of metal and metal products, with decorative machine protection, it is mainly composed of water-based acrylic resin, water-based amino resin, organic pigments, cosolvent by high-speed dispersion of raw materials such as modulation. Have a variety of colors. Simple operation, provide technical support.

Advantages of metallic paint

1. Non-toxic, harmless and non-irritating odor, no harmful substances such as benzene, no pollution to the environment, no harm to the human body, is a real green environmental protection product, is conducive to civilized construction, and meets the social requirements for environmental protection.

2. Waterborne metallic paint flame retardant, explosion resistance, transportation, storage, the use of the process are no explosion hazard, thus ensuring the safety of production.

3. Water-based metallic paint has fast drying time at room temperature, strong conjunctiva, strong adhesion, good acid resistance, alkali resistance and weather resistance of the paint film. The anti-corrosion effect and anti-corrosion life are more than twice that of solvent-based anti-rust paint of the same grade, which greatly reduces the construction labor cost and material cost of maintenance coating.
4. It is strictly forbidden to add organic and inorganic solvents and diluents such as banana water, Tiana water or gasoline when using water-based metallic paint. The paint must be stirred evenly before use. If the viscosity is too high, appropriate amount of tap water can be added to dilute it. After the construction is completed, all kinds of construction tools, equipment and containers only need to be cleaned with tap water. It is strictly forbidden to use other solvents, thus not only ensuring no pollution in the construction environment and no harm to the construction personnel, but also reducing the production cost, saves energy.
5. Waterborne metallic paint is non-volatile and has high solid content, which can stabilize the quality of the product during storage.
The birth of water-based metallic paint is a green product with high quality, low cost, safety and environmental protection for all kinds of metal materials.