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Special Effect Paint

Hammer Paint

Hammer paint is made from modified alkyd resin, special color paste, additives and aluminum powder. The pattern is clear, the color is bright, the construction is convenient, can make up for the defec

Crack Paint

Crackle paint is composed of nitrocellulose, pigment, extender pigment, organic solvent, auxiliary agent and so on grinding and can form all sorts of color of nitro crackle paint, it is such a crackle

PU Paint

Polyurethane paint is a two-component anticorrosive coating for indoor environmental anticorrosion coating, with different colors and strong decorative properties. Polyurethane coating has good water

Elastic Rubber Paint

Elastic rubber paint, also known as touch paint, is painted on the surface of an object, in a matte or semi-matte state, with a delicate, smooth feel and elegant appearance. Resistance, weather resist

Champagne Paint for Floor Sockets

The product is made of acrylic resin, coloring pigment, filler, organic solvent, auxiliary agent, etc., and it has good flow, good adhesion, gloss, and no yellowing.

Matte/Brilliant Black Paint

The product is a coating formed by processing thermosetting acryl resin and melamine resin serving as main bodies in combination with weather-resisting pigments.
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