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Water-based Paint

High-temperature Water-based Transparent Paint

The product is made of imported well-known manufacturers resin, additives, additives and blending. With high gloss, high brightness, high fullness and salt tolerance (120 hours), it is the first choic

Water-based Wood Paint

The product is formed by preparing PU water-based resin, special functional auxiliaries and water serving as basic materials. As an environmental protection product, it does not contain any benzene so

Water-based Metallic Paint

The product adopts imported resin and auxiliaries, does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metal and other hazardous substances, does not harm to human bodies and the environment, and is a new generation

Stainless Steel Anti-fingerprint Paint

The product is completely made of resin, auxiliaries, additives and solvents from domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers. It is mainly used for coating stainless steel surfaces. After spraying,

Water-based Fluorocarbon Paint

Is waterborne fluorocarbon paint, the product has high weather resistance, contamination resistance, chemical resistance and good salt fog resistance and other characteristics, have low VOC, water-bas
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