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Founded in 2006, Jiangsu Xindongzhou Coating Industry Co., Ltd. is one of large professional industrial coating manufacturers in China at present. Our products have passed the certifications of ROHS, ISO9001 National Quality Management...

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Xindongzhou is devoted to R&D and production of coatings

Product Effect

The coating industry carries out appropriate industry shuffling
Since reform and opening up, after 30 years of rapid growth, China has become the world's largest manufacturing countries and the second largest economy, but with the accompanying is most industries a
Coating industry cannot ignore "four kinds of coating
As paint industry has often been used in architectural coatings, are generally used for exterior wall decoration and outdoor decoration, but in our daily life there are many kinds of small coating is
The development status of water - based paint
Interview in 2013, "for the first time in 16 years old household brand selection" millions of people's favorite activity has made gratifying achievements, this year, in order to continue the brand act
In 2017, the coating industry reshuffled the CARDS, and the output reached a new high
Since 2003, with the rapid development of China's real estate industry, the demand for environmental coatings has also started to increase. After several years of development, China has become the wor