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In 2017, the coating industry reshuffled the CARDS, and the output reached a new high


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In 2017, the coating industry reshuffled the CARDS, and the output reached a new high

Industry news
2018/01/11 14:50
Since 2003, with the rapid development of China's real estate industry, the demand for environmental coatings has also started to increase. After several years of development, China has become the world's biggest demand for environmental protection coatings. And domestic environmental protection paint production enterprises are also mushrooming. By 2017, there are over 20,000 environmental coating manufacturers, and more than 2,000 of them are well-known brands. The result of the influx of environmental coating companies into the industry is that the coatings industry is spotty. From 2016, "the most stringent real estate regulation policy", "the rising cost of raw materials", these objective reasons have promoted several rounds of big shuffling in the environmental protection coating industry. Some small environmental protection paint enterprises have suffered serious setbacks and have withdrawn from the market. The remaining large and medium-sized environmental protection coating enterprises continue to game, the market also began to turn benign development, by 2017, the coating industry reshuffled the CARDS, the entire paint industry production to start a new high.
Environmental protection water paint and traditional oil paint, waterborne paint has become a new favorite.
Along with the people environmental protection consciousness of increasingly strong, the country also pay more attention to environmental protection and harsh, early 2015 s said China "in the history of the most severe" "environmental law" formally implemented, from February 1, 2015, not only to 4% of the paint consumption tax on related businesses. Moreover, the enterprises that meet the environmental protection standards have also issued a substantial incentive measures, which can be exempted from the consumption tax on the coating with the VOC content of less than 420 gtre under construction. Traditional oil paint products are facing a big shock. The new low pollution water-based coatings gradually occupy the market and become the new favorite of the industry.
Under the background of energy saving and emission reduction, water-based paint will be the future direction of development compared with the traditional paint, water-based paint is a new type of environmental protection coating, water as diluent does not contain toxic or harmful gases such as benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, compared with paint, environmental advantage is obvious. It is an important guarantee for energy conservation and emission reduction. In recent years, more and more attention has been paid. As a kind of low pollution green environmental protection coating, it will replace the traditional oil paint to become the leading role in the future world coating market. According to incomplete statistics, China's demand for industrial anti-corrosion coatings in around 2.5 million tons, which can be made of waterborne anti-corrosive coatings to replace of up to 1.8 million tons, and because of the limitations of traditional coating, resources waste rate every year in more than 40, one hundred million yuan. The harm to the environment is immeasurable.
Coating industry reform, therefore, waterborne anti-corrosive coatings will replace traditional coatings, widely used in petroleum chemical industry, automobile, railway, shipbuilding, container and other fields.
At present, the world has completed the revolution of coating industry, and the water-based coating has reached the market share of 70-80% in the world, and even reached 90% in some developed countries in Europe and America.