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Environmental protection tax levy, to paint industry what effect?

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Environmental protection tax levy, to paint industry what effect?

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2018/01/13 22:13
Green taxes for implementation of the main purpose is to "protect and improve the environment, reducing emissions, and promote the construction of ecological civilization", green taxes belongs to a kind of China's "green taxation", also is a kind of industry economic impact is larger tax, fee justification of green taxes scope is directly discharged into the environment pollutants such as atmosphere, water, solid and noise and air pollution and water pollutants which specified by the specific tax amount shall apply.
In setting the tax standard, the environmental protection tax reflects both the legal principle of taxation and the local autonomy and the choice of space. In the environmental protection tax bill, air pollution has an equivalent of 1.2 yuan to 12 yuan per pollution level and 1.4 yuan to 14 yuan for each pollutant. Local governments, in accordance with their regional environmental conditions, determine their own applicable tax rates within that range. The beijing-tianjin-hebei region is generally higher than the rest of the country, according to the standards issued by provinces and cities across the country, while Beijing is applying the highest applicable tax rate.
For green taxes of a taxpayer and specific provision for direct discharge into the environment in green tax taxable production operators, enterprises and institutions, and other pollutants and not taxable pollutant emissions to the environment directly, not pay is green taxes, which means that as a consumer or individual residents life, do not need to pay the green taxes, which fundamentally directly from the source through the tax system affect the enterprise management situation, especially polluting enterprise operation and development.
Once the environmental protection tax is introduced, the scale will exceed the current pollutant discharge fee, and the annual levy will be 50 billion yuan. Among them, air pollutant emission enterprises are the most affected. And at present the main cause of air pollution is the VOC (volatile organic compounds), and in the VOC in addition to carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and metal carbides, also include other atmospheric photochemical reaction of carbon compounds, these are the chemical enterprise, surface coating and coating production enterprises the main emissions.
In coating industry, coating is mainly composed of film-forming material, fillers, solvents, additives, including paint mainly day take water, banana oil solvent, in the process of the manufacture, use and storage of paint will synthesize a large number of VOC, compared with paint, water paint mainly in water solvent, does not contain. It is to have all of Asia's biggest water paint chenyang automation production line water paint, for example, in planning the production of various kinds of environmental protection paint, 1.25 million tons of water, compared with the same scale of production of cement plant, VOC emissions can be reduced by 1 million tons a year, thus we can see less than water paint paint pollutant emission, more environmentally friendly.
According to the statistics of paint enterprise computing, our country more than 20 million tons, annual output of various coating paint production accounts for over 80% more than the total coating, environmental protection water paint production is less than 20%, and in the field of industrial paint, paint usage is as high as 90% above, in the face of such a large source of atmospheric pollutants, the implementation of the "green taxes will directly involve the paint enterprise production and operation, this undoubtedly moved paint enterprise profit cake, let these polluting production enterprise struggle, must cause paint industry reshuffle.
Although environmental laws in effect today, but as early as 2016 by the end of the 12th session of the standing committee of the National People's Congress 25 meeting had already passed, transition period in this year, there have been many of paint production enterprises start to water paint production transformation, technology import, visiting, eliminate backward production capacity, the water paint project. It is expected that with the implementation of environmental protection tax, with the strength and standardization of China's tax system, the pace of "oil transfer" industry in China's coating industry must be more obvious.