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Coating industry cannot ignore "four kinds of coating


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Coating industry cannot ignore "four kinds of coating

Industry news
2018/01/11 14:57
As paint industry has often been used in architectural coatings, are generally used for exterior wall decoration and outdoor decoration, but in our daily life there are many kinds of small coating is often neglected, but in our life plays a big role, below small make up together with you to explore what kinds of coatings play an important role in our daily.
Container coating
During the development of container manufacturing in the 1980s, the container coatings used in China were all imported coatings designated by the owner. Such as Hempel in Denmark, Freilacke in Germany, Sigma in the Netherlands and so on. With the development of China's container manufacturing industry, more foreign coating plants have entered into the box industry in China through their relationship with the container owners. Early 90 s, Shanghai - Hempel, Shanghai - Kansai, Shanghai - the Chugoku, Shanghai - IP, kunshan - K.C.C sino-foreign joint venture container paint company was established in succession, the use of foreign investment company container coating certificate of recognition, swept the container coatings business in the country.
Since 1993, several research institutes and coatings manufacturers have started to develop container coatings. For example, the products of the ship craft research institute of the China shipping company were also sent to the U.S. The container coating development project of Shanghai open forest paint factory has been included in the original chemical engineering department and the Shanghai 85th key project, but it has not been put into practice for various reasons.
In 1996, Shanghai haisheng coatings co., LTD. Was approved by the us Konstandt laboratory and became the first oil paint factory in China to produce international standard container coatings. In 1998, the company undertake the HAPAGLLYD batch and S 譈 D, CAPITAL, CRC and other international standard container production at home and abroad.
High temperature paint
With the rapid development of the world industry, the production process has been continuously innovated, the performance requirements of industrial materials have been continuously improved, and the demand for the innovation of industrial materials is better. Among them, the chemical industry coating to meet the new challenge, must grasp the pulse of the world industrial coating industry development, keen analysis of new market trends, to develop high-tech industrial new industrial coatings, timely follow and promote the rapid industrial development in our country. Can say, it is some special needs in the industrial environment, promote the research and development of high temperature resistant coatings, based on modern science and technology progress under the premise of have developed high temperature resistant industrial coatings, its unique properties make many besmear brushs paint to give full play to the function of the products and equipment, become indispensable in the coating industry. In general, high temperature resistant coatings can be divided into two parts: civil high temperature resistant coatings and industrial high temperature resistant coatings, according to the definition of general, high temperature resistant coatings not only covers the automotive, construction, metallurgy, manufacturing, medicine, transportation, ship and container coatings, space, traffic marking system coating, and many other areas, also includes the production of a variety of life in People's Daily use articles, such as kitchen burning gas, water heater, electric heater, etc., to say the high temperature resistant coatings with People's Daily life, industrial production of interest rates.
Need material high temperature resistant coatings research and development of technology, chemical technology, information technology, biological engineering, energy technology, nano technology, environmental technology, space technology, computer technology, Marine engineering and other modern high-tech and its industry as a whole. High temperature resistant coating is not only to the development of high and new technology plays an important role in promoting and supporting, and also to our country related transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, to achieve leapfrog development plays an important role in promoting. From the current development situation, the low pollution water-borne high temperature coating is widely believed to be the ultimate replacement of the solvent resistant coatings. According to relevant data, the industrial high temperature coating has already accounted for about 20 percent of the world's industrial high temperature coatings, and it is estimated that the proportion will rise to 30% by 2010. In the developed regions of Europe, the proportion is now at 30%, and the industrial high temperature coating has a broad market prospect.
Nano heat insulating coating
Beijing wang a living on the top floor, usual once in summer, indoor hot and stuffy, the temperature can reach 35 ℃, the indoor air pressure is low, not to be able to let a person breathe heavily, to indoor cooling air conditioning refrigeration confidential work 24 hours, wang home electricity in summer than in winter is more than four times higher electricity bills. Chi shing wong on the roof this year besmear brushs nano sunscreen insulation paint, no matter how hot outdoor, indoor now always maintain a state of constant temperature cool, basically do not need to open air conditioning refrigeration.
Beijing economic development zone of a logistics personnel office, in May this year, when the weather is not hot, indoor parts after the sun, indoor accumulated temperatures can reach 33 ℃, researchers can't normal office.The logistics into June in the office on the walls and roof, besmear brushs after chi shing brand nano sunscreen insulation paint, while the outdoor air temperature is high, but the indoor temperature is much lower than may, indoor temperature and cooling over 6 ℃ after besmear to brush paint, air conditioner now boot time is less than the previous 25%, air conditioning energy saving rate is as high as 75% above.
Steel structure coating
Along with the increase of steel structure anticorrosion requirements and restrictions on environmental protection, golden eagle steel structure coating anticorrosive coating further development in the direction of the low solvent, high solid ingredients, the coating becomes high viscosity, high build and more and more difficult to spray. The traditional construction method is manual brush and air spray, manual brush painting is not only inefficient, but also inevitably leaves the brush mark, its paint effect is difficult to be satisfied; Air spray can't atomization of high viscosity anticorrosive coatings, is bound to a large number of diluent, caused by rising costs and environmental pollution, and excessive dilution resulting in a decline in the paint film forming ability, affecting the service life of paint coating. However, the high pressure airless spraying construction technology has solved the problem.
High-pressure airless spraying, its working principle is through high-pressure airless spraying equipment, paint pressurization to hundreds of kg/cm2, through the nozzle to coating atomized into fine particles, direct injection to the coating on the surface of a coating.