Paint remover



Product Introduction

The product is preferably a high-performance product carefully formulated by domestic known manufacturers of solvents, additives and additives. The product is used to remove the metal paint, spray coating of defective products, paint removal effect is good, fast, high production efficiency, non-flammable. Construction is convenient and easy to clean, normal temperature use.


Product Features

1. Not easy to burn

2. Do not hurt the substrate

3. Fast speed and good paint stripping effect


Applicable substrate

Stainless steel, galvanized sheet, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, aluminum, aluminum plastic plate and other kinds of metal and wood


Product use

Self-drying alkyd paint, amino baking paint, nitro paint, acrylic paint and some epoxy and low temperature curing two-component paint. Can be used for automobiles, motorcycles, machinery, instruments and other parts that need to be stripped


Instructions for use

1. Proportion of paint remover: working fluid

2. Baking time temperature: normal temperature

3. Spraying method: soaking, brush

4. Storage period: (room temperature) 12 months

5. Packing specification: paint remover 30KG, 180KG/barrel


Precautions for use

1. Metal surface paint stripping method: Spray this product on the surface of the paint stripping layer. The old film will soften, wrinkle, blister and fall off within a few minutes. Then clean the off impurities with water and wait for it to dry. For a particularly thick coating, it can be reused once, rinsed with water, or mixed with sandpaper and shovel knife to remove local residues. The painted metal surface should be treated before use.

2. Wood surface paint removal method: for wood surface paint removal, the product should be sprayed on the parts to be painted repeatedly until the paint film becomes soft, and then the softened paint film is removed with a shovel knife. Apply fine sandpaper to polish the painted plates to remove the residual substances on the plates, and then proceed to the next process.

3. When the surface of the object to be painted is constructed, it should stand on the upper wind and avoid contamination of the skin and eyes. If it enters the eyes, rinse with water immediately. It is strictly forbidden to crash, puncture or burn the paint cans, and store them away from children to avoid damage.

4. This product is irritating to the skin, work with protective gloves, skin can not be direct contact