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High-temperature Water-based Transparent Paint

Product description



Product introduction

The product is made of imported well-known manufacturers resin, additives, additives and blending. With high gloss, high brightness, high fullness and salt tolerance (120 hours), it is the first choice for oil paint. Suitable for lock, lighters, handle, belt buckle, shoe buckle and other hardware products. Easy to use, can be directly diluted with tap water.


The product features

1. The environment is odorless and easy to operate.

2. Also have the performance of oil paint.

3. High gloss, high brightness and fullness.

4. Salt tolerance (120 hours)


Technical indicators of raw lacquer

1. Viscosity: 120 + 5 seconds.

2. Solid content: 50-60%.

3. Resistance: 10~50 megohm.

4. Color: transparent and yellowish.


Suitable substrate 

Copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, electroplating copper, polishing workpiece, stainless steel plate, etc.


Product use

Suitable for lock, lighters, handle, belt buckle, shoe buckle and other hardware products.


Directions for use

1. Paint mix: paint 1: water 1~2.

2. Baking temperature, holding 40 ~ 60 minutes, 110 ~ 150 ℃ (according to the actual working situation, please adjust the temperature and time)

3. Spraying method: manual spraying and soaking.

4. Storage period :(room temperature) 12 months.

5. Packing specifications: 3KG, 20KG/ barrel.


Precautions for Use

1.Moisture cannot be left on workpiece surfaces of products, and workpieces must be kept dry completely.

2.After mixing the water and water, set aside for 10 minutes and start to use.

3.After the product is sprayed, the surface moisture must be evaporated before it can be roasted.

4.You can't heat the oven too fast, and start heating slowly from room temperature.

5.The distance between the nozzle and the workpiece is kept between 15 and 20 cm, avoiding the flow hanging and orange peel.




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