Plastic silver powder paint



Product Introduction

The products are all preferred at home and abroad well-known manufacturers of thermoplastic acrylic resin, silver powder, additives, additives, solvent preparation. It has good silver powder arrangement, strong metal feeling, excellent adhesion, scratch resistance and wear resistance, good interlayer adhesion with UV and PU varnish, and can be mixed into various colors according to customer needs.


Product Features

1. With high elasticity, abrasion resistance, impact resistance

2. Feel soft, strong sense of metal

3. No whitening, no biting at the bottom

4. Good hiding power and strong adhesion


Technical index of original paint

1. Viscosity: 120±5 seconds

2. Solid content: 40±5%

3. Color: various colors


Applicable substrate

All kinds of plastic substrate, ABS, PP, PVC


Product use

Suitable for luggage accessories, lighters, mobile phone cases, cosmetic boxes, switch panels, electric vehicles, walkman, furniture plastic hardware, aircraft interior parts, car interior, computer supplies, digital cameras, audio products, digital set-top box process decorations and other products coating


Instructions for use

1. Paint ratio: paint 1: thinner 1~2

2. Baking temperature: heat preservation 5~10 minutes

3. Baking temperature: normal temperature or 50 ℃ (please adjust the temperature and time according to the actual working conditions)

4. Storage period: (room temperature) 12 months

5. Packing specification: 20KG/barrel


Precautions for use

1. Must first eliminate the material surface attached to the dust, particles, grease and other foreign matter

2. Stir the paint evenly before use