High gloss salt spray resistant electroplated varnish



Product Introduction

The products are all made of imported acrylic resin, additives, solvent polymerization and become, resistant to gasoline is not soft, not sticky, not foaming and other characteristics for hardware plating after the cover light protection.


Product Features

1. Good transparency and high hardness (up to 3H)

2 good adhesion, resistance to salt spray can reach more than 150 hours

3. Wear resistance, solvent resistance, good scratch resistance


Technical index of original paint

1. Viscosity: 9-11 seconds

2. Solid content: 25-28%

3. Resistance: 5-10 megohm

4. Color: transparent water white


Summary of Inspection Results

Inspection Items Inspection results Inspection method
Bending test, mm 3 GB/T 6742-2007
cross-grid experiment, level ≤ 1 GB/T 9286-1998
Impact resistance, cm 50 GB/T 1732-1993
Pencil hardness (scratch) 3H GB/T 6739-2006
Gasoline resistance 3h Not soft, not sticky, not blistering SH0004-1990(1998)
Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, mg/kg Not Checked Out IEC 62321:2008
Neutral salt spray resistance No change of paint film for 150h GB/T 1771-2007


Suitable for workpiece

Drawers, signs, belt buckles, locks, lock plates, musical instruments, door handles, handles, hinges, buttons, wine bottle caps, floor drains, floor plugs, lamps, accessories and other hardware products


Product use

Suitable for all kinds of hardware products electroplating imitation gold, light gold, bronze, gun black, nickel, pearl gold, pearl nickel, electroplating silver, electroplating gold and other surface cover light protection


Instructions for use

1. Paint ratio: working fluid

2. Baking time temperature: heat preservation for 30~60 minutes, 100~130 ℃ (please adjust the temperature and time according to the actual working conditions)

3. Spraying method: manual spraying, electrostatic spraying

4. Storage period: (room temperature) 12 months

5. Packing specification: 15KG/barrel


Precautions for use

1. Before construction, the substrate must be treated clean to ensure that the surface is free of impurities, no pollution and no water

2. Please stir the coating evenly before use to avoid color difference caused by precipitation

3. The air in the construction site needs to be clean and dredged. This product is flammable and should not be near fire.

4. Supporting the use of our company's products, please do not mix with other coatings, otherwise our company will not be responsible for the quality problems that occur during use