Matte/Brilliant Black Paint


The product is a coating formed by processing thermosetting acryl resin and melamine resin serving as main bodies in combination with weather-resisting pigments.



1. Good adherence and impact resistance   

2. Good weather resistance

3. Good solvent resistance and acid-alkali resistance   

4. Exquisite color and luster, smooth handfeel


Technical Index of Original Paint

1. Viscosity: 100s   

2. Solid content: 40±5%   

3. Luster: brilliant, matte


Applicable substrates 

Stainless steel, iron, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, glass and various other materials



Coating for door locks, door handles, luggage accessories, electric appliances, lamp decorations, locomotives, covers, bicycles, electric vehicles, pullers, buttons, shoe buckles and various other hardware products.



1. Paint proportion: paint (1) : diluent (1~2)

2. Baking time: heat preservation for 30-40min

3. Baking temperature: 120~150℃ (adjust the temperature and time according to actual working conditions)

4. Spraying modes: manual spraying, static spraying, showering, soaking, roller painting

5. Storage time: 12 months (at normal temperature)

6. Packaging specifications: 20KG/barrel


Precautions for Use

1. Moisture cannot be left on workpiece surfaces of products, and workpieces must be kept dry completely.

2. The product workpieces must be subjected to thorough oil removal without any residues.

3. Please uniformly stir the coating before use, to prevent sediments from causing aberration.

4. Do construction in fine weather, and avoid construction under sand-wind, rainy and snowy weather conditions.

5. The optimal coating temperature is 5-30℃. The relative humidity in rainy, foggy and snowy days should be higher than 75%.


Product pictures