Water-based Metallic Paint


The product adopts imported resin and auxiliaries, does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metal and other hazardous substances, does not harm to human bodies and the environment, and is a new generation of eco-friendly safe water-based paint. It features ultra-low VOC, strong anti-rust capability, peeling and falling resistance, good protection capability, good adhesion force, rust resistance, high safety and high durability, can prolong the service life of metal, and is super cost-effective because of its capability of replacing oil-based paint. The product neither harms to human bodies nor pollute the environment, and has plump paint films, shining bright appearance and good flexibility.



1. Water, wear, aging and salt fog resistance; 

2. Strong adhesion force, peeling, cracking and falling resistance;

3. Reduction of labor cost, elimination of hidden danger of occupational diseases; 

4. Convenient use, direct water addition for dilution


Applicable substrates  

Iron, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, stainless steel, etc.



It is suitable for automobiles, bicycles, electric vehicles, ships, containers, motorcycles, refrigerators, washing machines, electric fans, instruments, home appliances, lamps, crafts, etc.



1. Paint proportion: paint (1) : water (1~2)

2. Baking time/temperature: heat preservation for 40-60min, 110-150℃ (adjust the temperature and time according to actual working conditions)

3. Spraying mode: manual spraying, automatic spraying

4. Storage time: 12 months (at normal temperature)

5. Packaging specifications: 3KG, 20KG/barrel


Precautions for Use

1. The product workpieces must be subjected to thorough oil removal and phosphorization without any residues.

2. Please uniformly stir the coating before use, to prevent sediments from causing aberration.

3. Do construction in fine weather, and avoid construction under sand-wind, rainy and snowy weather conditions.

4. The optimal coating temperature is 5-30℃. The relative humidity in rainy, foggy and snowy days should be higher than 75%.

5. Every layer of coatings should be constructed uniformly to ensure continuous and uniform coatings, thus avoiding pinholes, coating leakage, sagging and other bad phenomena.

6. After the completion of spraying, stand the paint for a certain time and then place it to designated positions until it is dry absolutely.


Product pictures