Water-based Wood Paint


The product is formed by preparing PU water-based resin, special functional auxiliaries and water serving as basic materials. As an environmental protection product, it does not contain any benzene solvents and heavy metals, is non-toxic and low in odor, and meets the inspection requirements of EU RoHS.



1. Transparency, highlight, environmental protection, no toxicity, extremely good stability

2. Strong adhesion, no warping and peeling of pain films

3. Saturation, wear resistance and yellowing resistance of paint films

4. Convenient construction, clean water dilution, high drying speed


Applicable substrates 

Solid wood, wood veneer attached substrates, medium density fiberboard, etc.



It is suitable for coating wood doors, doors/windows, cabinets, furniture, tables/chairs and various other kinds of wood furniture, and can also be used for coating pavilions, palings, corridors and other outdoor wood facilities.



1. Paint proportion: paint (1) : water (1~2) : curing agent (0.2)

2. Baking time/temperature: heat preservation for 30~60min, 40-80℃ (adjust the temperature and time according to actual working conditions)

3. Spraying mode: manual spraying, soaking

4. Storage time: 12 months (at normal temperature)

5. Packaging specifications: 3KG, 20KG/barrel


Precautions for Use

1. Keep construction sites clean and dustless during construction. The moisture content of substrates should be lower than 16%.

2. Mix paint liquid in strict accordance with construction proportions. The mixed paint liquid should be used completely within 8 hours.

3. It is inappropriate for construction when the temperature is lower than 5℃ or the humidity is higher than 85%.

4. It is prohibited from being mixed with other coatings and polluted by organic solvents to prevent deterioration.

5. It can be used for spraying, brushing, showering or soaking articles.


Product pictures