Paint Remover



Product introduction

The product is a high - performance product which is carefully prepared by solvent, additives and additives. This product is used to remove the coating film of metal paint and plastic coating. It has good effect, high speed, high efficiency and non-flammability. The construction is convenient and easy to clean, room temperature is used.


The product features

1. Not easy to burn

2. Do not injure the base material.

3. Fast speed and good depainting effect.


Suitable substrate

Rust steel, galvanized sheet, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, aluminum, aluminum plastic plate and other kinds of metal and wood.


Product use 

Self-drying alkyd paint, amino baking paint, nitrocellulose paint, acrylic lacquers and some epoxy and low-temperature curing two-component paint. It can be used in automobile, motorcycle, machine, instrument, etc.


Directions for use

1. Paint remover ratio: working fluid.

2. Baking time temperature: normal temperature.

3. Spray pattern: soak, brush.

4. Storage period :(room temperature) 12 months.

5. Packing specification: 30KG of paint remover, 180KG/ barrel.


Precautions for Use

1.Metal surface paint methods: spray this product to need to take off the lacquer layer surface, and within minutes old membrane can be softening, wrinkle, foaming, in turn, fall off, then water will be cleaned off impurities, awaiting the dry; For extremely thick coating, can be reused once, rinsed with water, or with sandpaper and spatula to remove local residues. The surface of the finished metal should be surface treated before use.

2.Wood surface depainting method: for the wood surface to remove paint, the product should be sprayed on the paint to be sprayed onto the paint film to soften, and then use the blade to soften the film removal. Apply fine sandpaper to the finished sheet, remove the residue on the board, and then proceed to the next procedure.

3.If you want to remove the paint from the surface, you should stand in the wind and avoid touching your skin and eyes. If you enter your eyes, rinse immediately with water. No impact, puncture or incineration of paint can, and should be kept away from children to avoid damage.

4.This product is irritant to the skin, need to wear protective glove when homework, skin cannot contact directly.