Epoxy Anticorrosive Coating



Product introduction

Epoxy anticorrosion coating is composed of epoxy resin, pigment and constitution pigment. It is suitable for metal surface, motor and electric appliance. The film is hard, good abrasion resistance, strong adhesion and good water resistance.


The product features

1. Excellent adhesion and epoxy anticorrosive paint, the film has good physical properties.

2. Excellent water resistance and moisture resistance and heat resistance.

3. Water resistance, moisture resistance and alkaline corrosion.


Summary of test results

project Technical indicators Inspection methods
The state in the container. After mixing, the mixture is uniform. see
Dry time, hour, or less than. 24 GB1728
Fineness, mu m, less than or equal to 40 GB1724
Viscosity, seconds 30-60 GB1723
Impact strength, cm is greater than or equal to. 30 GB1732
Flexibility, mm is less than or equal to. 10 GB1731
Adhesion, grade is less than or equal to. 2 GB1720
Salt tolerance, 120 hours. No bubble, no peeling, no rust. GB1771


Product use

Suitable for coating and protection, such as machine, oil tank steel structure equipment, water treatment equipment, anti-corrosion, rust and surface decoration, metal surface, motors, electrical appliances, instruments and other shell coated


Directions for use

1. Mix one and two parts before the construction, and then mix it with 5:1 (weight ratio) before construction, and mix thoroughly, and then apply epoxy anti-corrosion paint after 30 minutes of curing.

2. Spray pattern: air spray, brush coating, roller coating.

3. Storage term :(room temperature) 12 months.

4. Packing specifications: hammer paint 20KG/ pail, curing agent: 2KG/ barrel, thinner: 25KG/ pail.


Precautions for Use

1. Prior to the construction of epoxy anticorrosive paint, it will be cleaned and cleaned on the surface of the epoxy anti-rust paint, cleaning the oxidized skin, rust and other impurities with sand blasting, and spraying sand to the Sa2.5 level.

2. Epoxy anticorrosive paint should be used in combination with good paint and should be used up within 6 hours.

3. The coating between the two coatings should be done after the lower epoxy anti-corrosion paint is completely dried.