Acrylic Acid Anticorrosive Paint



Product introduction

By acrylic resin, modified resin, pigments, additives and made from organic solvents, strong adhesion, good mechanical performance of acrylic resin, match with import chlorination process rutile type titanium pigment and kinds of pigments, additives.


The product features

1. Good color retention.

2. Acrylic resin is white with water and high transparency.

3. The paint film is bright and full, and the chemical resistance is good.


Product use 

It is suitable for the surface decoration and protective paint for automobiles, railway vehicles, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, aviation signs, wood, rattan furniture, etc.


Directions for use

1. Before painting, add this paint to the matching diluent and stir well.

2. The coated parts should be treated with surface treatment first, and then coated with the primer. After being fully dried, the paint should be applied.

3. Spray pattern: spray painting and brush painting.

4. Storage period :(room temperature) 12 months.

5. Packing specification: 20KG/ barrel.


Precautions for Use

1. Mixed anticorrosive paint should be used up within 6 hours.

2. The weather is not suitable for rain and snow. 3. The construction environment above freezing temperature 5 ℃, the temperature of minus are not suitable for construction and winter

3. The diluent mainly adjusts the construction and drying rate of the paint, and the diluent varies according to the construction conditions, temperature and the different types of paint.

4. After construction of anticorrosive paint, the workpiece should be kept for more than 7 days, so that the steel structure can be completely dried before being put into use. Do not touch water or bump during the period.