Elastic Rubber Paint



Product introduction

Elastic rubber paint, also known as touch paint, is painted on the surface of an object, in a matte or semi-matte state, with a delicate, smooth feel and elegant appearance. Resistance, weather resistance, good wear resistance. Excellent performance and adhesion. And can cover the defects of the general injection molding or the water lines. The adhesion of all kinds of specification material is super good, the hand feels first-class, the flesh feeling is outstanding, the elasticity is full, does not appear the spot of the flower spot or the bite bottom phenomenon, the effect is very ideal.


The product features

1.It has high elasticity, abrasion resistance and impact resistance.

2.Soft hand, the product that the hand often touches appears comfortable and upscale, can increase the added value of the product.

3.Use it to make your product material more flexible and beautiful.


Suitable substrate

Applicable to plastics (ABS, PC, PS, HIPS, PVC), hardware, wood and other materials.


Product use

Mobile phone shell, MP3, hair dryer, high-grade penholder, telescope, decorative boxes, controller, electric planer, phone, CD, car accessories, sports equipment, craft gifts, household items, electrical enclosure, etc


Directions for use

1. Paint mix: paint 10: curing agent 1: diluent 0.3.

2. Baking temperature, holding 30 ~ 40 minutes, 60 ~ 100 ℃ (according to the actual working situation, please adjust the temperature and time)

3. Spraying method: manual spraying and electrostatic spraying.

4. Storage period :(room temperature) 12 months.

5. Packing specification: elastic rubber paint of 20KG/ pail, curing agent: 2KG/ barrel, diluent: 25KG/ barrel.


Precautions for Use

1. Please remove oil, water and dust impurities before coating.

2. The curing agent must be accurate. Before using, please stir the three components thoroughly before using, and filter with 300 mesh filter.

3. Please use special diluents, such as other diluents, which may cause unhardening.

4. The paint and curing agent should be sealed in the shade for 4 hours.

5. When the film is too thin, the touch will be affected; Too thick will reduce performance.

6. The rainy day should be combined with anti-white water to prevent albinism.