PU Paint



Product introduction

Polyurethane paint is a two-component anticorrosive coating for indoor environmental anticorrosion coating, with different colors and strong decorative properties. Polyurethane coating has good water resistance, solvent resistance, compatibility, this kind of paint film bright plump, hard wear-resisting, resistance to oil, acid, chemicals and industrial waste gas, good electric properties, and a variety of resin miscibility, the formula can be adjusted in a wide range, in order to meet different needs.


The product features

1.Tough, wear-resistant

2.Colorful and colorful.

3.Polyurethane paint is suitable for all kinds of coating.


Summary of test results

color All kinds of
luster There is light
Combined ratio Main paint: curing agent = 4:1 (weight ratio)
solids 60% (mixture)
The coating film thickness Dry film: 40-60 mu m/ tao.
Paint consumption of polyurethane paint.
The theoretical value is 0.12 kg/m/250 mu m.
(because of the coating environment, coating method, coating technology,
The surface condition and the structure and shape are different, and the loss rate will be very different.


Product use

Widely used in steel structure, automobile, aircraft, machinery, electrical apparatus, instruments, machinery, machine tools, and other aspects.


Directions for use

1. The spontaneous combustion drying (23 ℃) 1 hour 50 microns or less

2. The mandatory drying 90 ℃ * 30 50 microns

3. Recoat interval more than 5 hours (23 ℃)

4. The viscosity of polyurethane paint coating (20 ℃) seconds NK2 # 12 to 20 seconds

5. Curing time 15 minutes / 20 ℃

6. Can make time 6 hours (20 ℃) - 4 hours (35 ℃)

7. Spray pattern: air spraying, air spraying, brush painting and roller coating.

8. Storage term :(room temperature) 12 months.

9. Packaging specification: pu paint 20KG/ barrel, curing agent: 2KG/ barrel, diluent: 25KG/ barrel.


The construction technology                 

1.At temperature below 5 ℃, humidity is more than 85% of occasions or poorly ventilated to avoid the construction, the temperature of the steel plate is higher than 3 ℃ above the dew point temperature

2.In the summer, when the sun is exposed to the sun, the repainting should be completed within 5 days, with more than 5 days of polishing surface to ensure adhesion.


Precautions for Use           

1. Avoid touching skin and eyes with polyurethane paint.

2. If paint comes into contact with the skin, wash with warm water and appropriate cleanser, if paint comes into contact with the eyes, flush used a lot of water and seek immediate medical attention polyurethane coating containing flammable materials, please stay away from sparks ban on smoking in the neighborhood

3.Carbon dioxide gas, foam, and powder extinguishers are used in fires.

4.Please refer to safety and health precautions before work.