Crack Paint



Product introduction

Crackle paint is composed of nitrocellulose, pigment, extender pigment, organic solvent, auxiliary agent and so on grinding and can form all sorts of color of nitro crackle paint, it is such a crackle paint also has some basic characteristics of lacquer, volatile since the dry paint, do not need to add curing agent, drying speed is fast. Therefore, the crack paint must be on the same layer or multi-layer nitrocellulose surface to fully fuse and show another crack characteristic of the crack paint. High due to crackle paint powder content, solvent volatility is big, therefore its contractility, flexibility, small, internal stress produced high pulling strength after spraying, forming good, uniform crack pattern, enhance coating on the surface of the beautiful, improve the decorative.


The product features

1. The crack texture is uniform and varied.

2. Strong decorative

3. Natural and realistic, with unique artistic beauty.


Product use  

All kinds of handicrafts, appliances, lamps, lanterns, speakers, high-grade buildings, etc.


Directions for use

1.Composition of crack paint: 1:1 (paint: paint)

2.Transparent oil blending ratio: 1:1-1.5 (light oil: curing agent: thinner)

3.Real color paint mixing ratio: 1:1-1.5:0.5-0.8 (light oil: diluent: color paste)

4.Spraying method: air spraying, air spraying, brush painting and roller coating.

5.Shelf life :(room temperature) twelve months.

6.Packing specification: 20KG for crack paint.


The construction technology

1.Transparent oil (color oil, primer), crack paint, lacquer (effect) transparent (transparent light oil) oil, solid color primer (different substrate need to discriminate, some substrate without bottom oil spray some color also can need not the bottom of the spray oil)

2.Before spraying the crack paint, it is necessary to use double component transparent oil spray primer, and then continue to spray the crack paint after drying.

3.Before the construction, the paint will be mixed evenly, with special crack paint, the viscosity will be adjusted, and spraying will be the main part of the construction.

4.After spraying the crack paint, the effect of the crack can be added to the transparent oil, and the effect material can be added in the transparent oil. The coating is covered with a layer of paint, and a layer of solid color primer is added.


Effect adjustment suggestion

1.Thin spray, small crack; Thick spray, the pattern is larger. Therefore, the spraying must be uniform and uniform, the speed of the gun is consistent and do not repeat the spraying.

2.The paint is too thin and the pattern is large; The paint is too thick, the crack is small and bad operation.

3.The temperature is too low, the crack is small, even does not crack; The temperature is too high and the crack is large.

4.The solvent evaporates too fast and the crack is large. The solvent evaporates too slowly, the crack is small, even does not crack.

5.After the paint is opened, it should be covered immediately. Occasionally, it is normal to have caked particles in the use. After stirring evenly, it will be sprayed with about 80 eyes.

6.After the paint is adjusted, it should be used as soon as possible. If the coating effect is not used for a long time, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of diluent to be used for filtering.

7.The speed of the gun, the distance should be consistent, and should be able to control the volume and the amount of oil.

The crack size is generally determined by the film thickness, the thinner the spray, the smaller the crack, the thicker the spray, the bigger the crack.

8.The same kind of crack effect paint construction viscosity should be consistent.


Precautions for Use

1. The crack paint is a single group of paint, and no other curing agent should be used when the paint is painted. The construction viscosity can be adjusted with a suitable amount of special crack water produced in the factory for construction. After fully mixing the cracked paint, filter with 100-200 mesh filter to construct.

2. The paint liquid is now ready to be used. Once made, it should be used up to no more than 4 hours in 2 hours. After the paint is opened, it must be sealed immediately so as to avoid volatilization and moisture absorption and affect the use effect.

3. After the construction is completed, the workpiece should be kept for more than 7 days, so that the paint will be completely dry before being put into use.