Hammer Paint



Product introduction

Hammer paint is made from modified alkyd resin, special color paste, additives and aluminum powder. The pattern is clear, the color is bright, the construction is convenient, can make up for the defect that the base material is not smooth, also known as bloom hammer paint.


The product features

1. The paint film is drying at a fast speed and at room temperature for 20 minutes.

2. Adhesion and acid resistance are good, wear resistant and practical.

3. Good decorative effect.

4. Resistant to yellowing, uv, and indoor and outdoor equipment.


Summary of test results

project indicators
Paint film color and appearance. Conform to the standard, the pattern is clear.
Viscosity (coating -4 viscometer)S is greater than or equal to. 80
Drying time min Table dry 30 or less
Flexibility, min 1. Flexibility min
Spraying and heat-resistant ℃ The heat resistance of 200 ℃ or less


Product use 

Hammer paint is suitable for all kinds of machine tools, luxury doors and Windows, safe cabinets, instruments and other surface decoration.


Directions for use

1. Paint mixing ratio: paint - curing agent - thinner =4-1- moderate, stirring evenly.

2. Drying time: the table should be dry for 5 to 10 minutes, and the dry time is 24 hours.

3. Film thickness: dry film 25-80 m/ way.

4. Spraying method: spraying, painting and rolling.

5. Storage term :(room temperature) 12 months.

6. Packing specifications: hammer paint 20KG/ pail, curing agent: 2KG/ barrel, thinner: 25KG/ pail.


Construction requirements

1. Thoroughly stir the paint before using, and then evenly spread the hammer on the surface of the paint, and the bottom material should be cleaned.

2. Supporting solvent, is used to adjust construction viscosity, give priority to with air spray, spray gun pressure construction in 3-4 kg / ㎡

3. The spraying distance is about 20min, and the speed of the spray gun is slightly slower and even.

4. The best sample test should be taken before the formal construction to adjust the consistency of the pattern.

5. Different environment and construction conditions will result in different hammering effects.

6. The paint film is thicker and has a longer drying time.