Vacuum Electroplating UV Priming Paint/Finish Paint



Product introduction 

The product is a mixture of polyfunctional polyurethane resin, anti-fouling resin, photoinitiator, fluidized defoaming agent, active diluent, etc. Non-volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are mainly used in various plastics, acrylic coating surface cover light.


The product features

1. Environmental protection and resistance to yellowing.

2. Smooth and well-rounded.

3. Fast curing speed.

4. Good adhesion


Technical indicators of raw lacquer

1.Viscosity: yantian 2 # cup 10 + 2 s (25 ℃) primer paint to 10 + 2 s

2. Color: transparent liquid.


Summary of test results

Inspection items Test conditions and specifications. The experimental results
adhesion Bagel 3M600# duct tape. Level 1
hardness Mitsubishi pencil/hardness tester. HB~2H
Resistance to alcohol 99.7% anhydrous ethanol. ≥500 time
Salt spray 35℃×96hr ≥24H


Suitable substrate 

Plastic ABS, PC, PP, ABS+PC, etc.


Product use 

Suitable for electric car lamp shade, automobile, motorcycle accessories, mobile phone case, window accessories, luggage accessories, speakers, notebook and other plastic products cover the protection of the cover.


Directions for use

1.Operation process: the film is cured by ultraviolet light.

2.Paint mix: working fluid.

3.UV curing: high pressure mercury lamp for 5 ~ 10 seconds.

4.Red outflow flat: 45 ~ 50 ℃ temperature under the guarantee time for 3 minutes, or ensure that flow leveling effect

5.Spraying method: roller coating, automatic roller coating and spraying.

6.Shelf life :(room temperature) twelve months.

7.Packing specification: vacuum electroplating UV primer 15KG/ pail.    Vacuum electroplating UV varnish 15KG/ pail.


Precautions for Use

1. Before and after construction, the material must be cleaned to ensure that there is no impurity, no pollution and no moisture.

2. The voltage instability will affect the solidification, and the UV lamp needs to be replaced regularly.

3. The air in the construction site needs to be clean and clear. This product is flammable. Do not close the fire.

4. The company's products should be used together, please do not mix with other coatings, or we will not be responsible for the quality problems in the process.