Plastic UV Paint



Product introduction 

This product is a uv lamp light curing paint, high gloss, high hardness, good leveling, high fullness, good adhesion and good wear resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, can be suitable for ABS, PP, PC, PVC, PS, HIPS, etc. The surface coating of plastic parts.


The product features

1. High gloss, high hardness and smooth flow.

2. Good adhesion and good scratch resistance.

3. Low volatilization, no stimulation, almost no smell.


Technical indicators of raw lacquer

1. The viscosity: yantian 2 # cup 10 + 2 s (25 ℃)

2. Color: transparent liquid.


Suitable substrate

Plastic ABS, PP, PC, PVC, PS, HIPS, etc.


Product use 

Suitable for packing accessories, plastic products, electronic products, shell surface coating, such as top cosmetic bottle cap, plastic handle, mobile phone shell, buttons, digital camera, MP3, notebook computer, etc.


Directions for use

1. Usage: use or add a small amount of thinner.

2. Lamps: medium pressure mercury lamp 3 ~ 5KW.

3. The baking temperature: 50 ~ 60 ℃

4. Baking time: 3~5 minutes for heat preservation (please adjust the temperature and time according to actual working conditions)

5. Storage term :(room temperature) 12 months.

6. Packing specification :20KG/ barrel.


Precautions for Use

1. Before and after construction, the material must be cleaned to ensure that there is no impurity, no pollution and no moisture.

2. Seal the oil and keep away from ultraviolet radiation.

3. Clean the dirt on the surface of the substrate before spraying to ensure the adhesion coefficient.

4. Filter with 300 mesh filter and spray.

5. Compressed air and various appliances shall be without water or dust.

6. Spray in the dust free environment can be solidified in the UV machine.