Copper Door/Antique Finish/Special Fluorocarbon Paint



Product introduction

The product is a copolymer of fluorocarbon resin, trifluorochloroethylene and vinyl ester. Has long weatherability, excellent resistance to salt fog resistance, excellent chemical resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, acid and alkali salt in acid rain, atmospheric pollution, Marine salt fog did not change), pollution resistant easy to clean and good temperature resistance, convenient construction and strong adaptability, good adhesion with substrate, and can be roller, brush, spray or airless spray, film at low temperature, extremely easy construction).


The product features

1. Strong weatherability, no discoloration for 20 years.

2. Non-powdering, fadeless, maintenance free, self-cleaning.

3. Scratch resistance, no fingerprints, smooth feel.


Technical indicators of raw lacquer

1. Solid content :40%

2. Resistance :10~50 megohm.

3. Fluorine content: greater than 25%.

4. Paint film color (shine) : 2. 80 ° luster: (light, half dumb 36 °, three spectral 23 °, full of dumb light of 5 °)


Summary of test results

Inspection items The inspection results Inspection methods
Bending test, mm 2 GB/T 6742-2007
Row test, level 1 GB/T 9286-1998
Impact resistance, cm. 50 GB/T 1732-1993
Pencil hardness (scratch) 2H GB/T 6739-2006
Acid resistance and alkali resistance Rusting 5 (S2), foaming 2 (S2) A method of GB/T 9274-1988


Suitable substrate

Copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, electroplating copper, polishing workpiece, stainless steel plate, etc.


Product use

It is widely used in the decoration and protection of copper door, stainless steel plate, electroplated copper, antique, railings, sign board, advertisement sign, steel structure, etc.


Directions for use

1. The operation process: pretreatment to get worked up,  the drawing - water - completely dry, spray painting and baking (100 ° 30 minutes) to inspection, packaging

2. Paint mix: (original paint 1: curing agent 0.1: thinner 0.3)

3. Baking temperature, holding 30 ~ 60 minutes, 60 ~ 100 ℃ (please according to the actual working situation to adjust temperature and time) or room temperature cured 7 days

4. Spraying method: manual spraying and electrostatic spraying.

5. Storage term :(room temperature) 12 months.

6. Packaging specifications: fluorocarbon-free paint 20KG/ barrel, 3390 curing agent :2KG/ barrel, fluorocarbon-thinner :15KG/ barrel.


Precautions for Use

1. Proportioning in proportion to the prescribed proportions, stirring evenly, fully reacting and ready to be used, the fluorocarbon paint must be used up within 6 hours to avoid the expiration of the activation period.

2. The fluorocarbon paint should be kept in dry, waterproof, leakproof, sunblock, high temperature and away from fire.