Air-drying Low-temperature Paint for Copper Products



Product introduction

This product is made of domestic famous manufacturer's resin, auxiliary agent, additive and solvent. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, uv resistance, scratch resistance and so on. The construction is convenient, the low temperature can be done from dry, the defects of the old workpiece that can not be conveniently heated and baked are solved, and the quality of the product is also guaranteed.


The product features

1. The salt spray is 120 hours.
2. Anti-corrosion and paint film are not easy to age.
3. To improve the problem of oxidizing black and long spots of copper.
4. Good adhesion and can be directly applied to materials such as stainless steel and copper.


Technical indicators of raw lacquer

1. Color: transparent, milky white.

2. 80 ° luster: (light, half dumb 36 °, three spectral 23 °, full of dumb light of 5 °)


Suitable for the workpiece

Doors, doors and Windows, screens, curtain walls, door fittings, clothing and hat racks, and other hardware products and various handicrafts of imitation copper for old work pieces.


Product use 

This product is especially suitable for the protection of copper door, real copper, imitation copper, etc.


Directions for use

1. Method of use: original paint or a small amount of thinner.

2. The baking temperature: the dry or 60 ~ 80 ℃

3. Baking time: 30~40 minutes heat preservation (please adjust the temperature and time according to actual working conditions)

4. Spraying method: manual spraying and electrostatic spraying.

5. Storage period: (room temperature) 12 months.

6. Packing specification: 18KG, 20KG/ pail.   


Precautions for Use

1. Please stir the paint before using it and filter it.

2. Ensure that the workpiece is completely dry when spraying, and does not contain water.

3. It is suggested that the copper products should be kept indoors or outdoors after spraying, and do not cover the film, so as to prevent the workpiece from getting wet or the workpiece should be white.

4. If there is no way to reach the recommended baking time and temperature, please place the workpiece in a place with high temperature and good ventilation condition. Under the condition of the constant temperature could keep more than 25 ℃, dry coating work need time for more than 48 hours