Acrylic Lacquer



Product introduction

The product is made of acrylic resin, auxiliaries and solvent. It has the properties of chemical resistance, light protection, color protection, and excellent weatherability. It is applied to the protection of the cover light after the plating of hardware.


The product features

1. Good transparent.

2. Good adhesion

3. Good abrasion resistance, solvent resistance and scratch resistance.


Technical indicators of raw lacquer

1. Viscosity: 9-11 seconds.

2. Solid content: 25-28%.

3. Resistance: 5-10 megaohm.

4. Color: clear water white.


Summary of test results

Inspection items The inspection results Inspection methods
Bending test, mm 3 GB/T 6742-2007
Row test, level 1 GB/T 9286-1998
Impact resistance, cm. 10 GB/T 1732-1993
Pencil hardness (scratch) 2H GB/T 6739-2006
Gas resistant, water resistant. No change, no change. GB/T 9274-1988,1733-1993 a method of
Lead, mercury, cadmium, mg/kg. Did not check out IEC 62321:2008
Hexavalent chromium, polybromodiphenyl ether, mg/kg. Did not check out IEC 62321:2008


Suitable for the workpiece

Pull head, sign, belt buckle, lock, lock, door handle, handle, hinge, button, bottle cap, floor drain, floor plug, lamp, accessories and other hardware products.


Product use

It is suitable for all kinds of metal products, such as gold, light gold, bronze, gun black, nickel, pearl gold, pearl nickel, electroplating silver, electroplating, etc.


Directions for use

1. Paint mix: working fluid.

2. Baking temperature, holding 30 ~ 60 minutes, 100 ~ 150 ℃ (according to the actual working situation, please adjust the temperature and time)

3 spraying method: manual spraying and electrostatic spraying.

4. Storage period :(room temperature) 12 months.

5. Packing specification: 20KG/ barrel.


Precautions for Use

1. Filter the filter with 300 mesh for a few minutes and then spray it after the bubble is removed.

2. The surface of electroplating products must be cleaned, degreased and dusted.

3. The spray is good products in 100 ~ 150 ℃ oven bake for 30 minutes, 24 hours after the may make performance test

4. Please stir the coating evenly before use to avoid the color difference caused by precipitation.

5. The air in the construction site needs to be clean and clear. This product is flammable. Do not close the fire.

6. The company's products should be used together, please do not mix with other coatings, or we will not be responsible for the quality problems arising in the process.


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