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Recruitment of coating r&d engineer
Job responsibilities:
(1) have relevant working experience, proficient in the product performance of coating, and can independently develop the product formulation process.
(2) working in the r&d or technical support of plastic paint and baking paint for more than 10 years.
(3) strong practical ability, careful and bold, responsible, competent, innovative and innovative.
(4) good communication skills and experimental product operation ability.
(5) work conscientiously and responsibly, have the ambition and love the work.
Qualification: graduated from fine chemical engineering, have practical work experience, engaged in polymer material research work and have related work results.
Development vision: as long as you have the ability of development alone, willing to constantly strive for perfection, to develop better products, successfully developed a new product, after the market, in addition to the technology award, can according to the new product sales. As long as you dare to challenge yourself, have the ability and self-confidence, new eastern zhou will give you an infinite development space.
Working hours: more than 10 years working experience, can receive outstanding fresh graduates, master graduates are preferred.
Recruitment of network marketing sales representatives
Job responsibilities:
(1) responsible for network promotion of the company's website, taobao, alibaba and weibo.
(2) optimize and promote SEO.
(3) make art planning advertisements.
(4) maintain B2B and B2C e-commerce sites, understand their architecture, and analyze database and other information.
Have network sales experience, be proficient in network marketing, have an upward mobility, like to challenge myself.
Gender is not limited, age 20-45 years old.
Salary: salary negotiable base salary + commission. All sales have a commission.
Recruit regional sales representatives
Job responsibilities:
(1) responsible for sales and promotion of the company's products.
(2) complete department sales target according to marketing plan.
(3) develop new market, develop new customers and increase product sales scope.
(4) management and maintenance of customer relations and long-term strategic cooperation plans between clients.
Good communication skills, good language skills, self-motivated and self-motivated.
Gender is not limited, age 20-45 years old.
Salary: salary negotiable base salary + commission performance excellence can be promoted to business manager.
Departments to introduce
New dynasty has a sound human resources system and adhere to the "discover talents, when use, which people, use" policy of choose and employ persons, establish different levels of talent echelon, through from top to bottom, from point to the general way, step by step implementation of career planning, make the company every employee can find suits own development channels.
The choice of new eastern zhou is not only a symbol of status, but also a reflection of high-quality life. As a leader of the same industry, we hope that people of insight will join in the new eastern zhou, and we will innovate, start a business, create a future and create a sky for you.
Pay in return
To provide competitive salary in the industry;
There is a year-end bonus;
Employee on-the-job training;
Free collective dormitory, equipped with electric water heater, television, air conditioning and living environment is superior;