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Join/Agency Policies

1. Professional Training Support

Provide customer teams with professional product knowledge training, constructional industrial training, FAQs training on coatings and coating marketing for free.

2. Channel Development Support

According to market demands, provide outlet development, product management, channel management and other kinds of guidance as well as promotion support of channel development for free.

3. Professional Promotion Support

Carry out propaganda and promotion activities by various exhibitions, WeChat platform, website, industry association and so on, to improve the brand influence.

4. Perfect after-sales service support
Customers from purchase to use, the company provides a complete pre-sale, sales, after-sales service, the dealers and agents to solve the worries.


Join/Agency Requirements

1. Possess dream, enterprising spirit, healthy body and full energy;
2. Possess various certificates, licenses and so on required by normal operation;
3. Possess capitals, places (stores and warehouses), facilities (such as vehicles, etc.), marketing and service personnel and so on required by normal operation.
4. Agree with our culture, brand operation model and profit model.
5. Service providers engaged in the coating industry, chemical industry and related industries preferred.


Join/Agency Procedures